Conspiracy or Controversy?

by | Nov 22, 2022


The Genocide Files was my first book and I published it in 1997. It was a work of fiction but it was borne from the frustration of growing up African American male. American authorities often betray the trust that Black boys and men place in them. I wrote The Genocide Files to help me understand how I had come to place my trust in a system that abrogated my freedoms and relegated me to second class citizenship. I needed mental and physical emancipation from the land of freedom and I wanted to take others of my brothers with me.

So, I penned a book designed to give us a purpose and a plan. The Genocide Files would answer questions I had pondered for decades. What was the worldwide conspiracy against black people? Who was behind it and what was their purpose? How could we stop them from killing us? What would we need and who could we count on? The Genocide Files was not your typical middle of the road theology of racial reconciliation. My rage at an unjust and unholy America would not allow that. The lessons learned from Marcus, Malcolm, and Martin had paved a more certain path to freedom; I postulated that pathway in the pages of the book. The slaughters and beating of Turner, Till, and Rodney King would be avenged.

The plot of the book revolved around the two main characters — Matthew Peterson and Ewanikee Briscoe. Although both were African American, they were from very different backgrounds. Matt, an orphan, had been brought up in elite, white America. A wealthy patron had seen to his every need. He had attended the best prep schools and learned how to live as a successful, black man in wealthy, white America. American racism was something he had read about, but it was not anything he had experienced, at least that is what he told himself.

Proud of who she was, Ewanikee was a beautiful, intelligent, black woman. A streetwise reporter, she knew how to mingle with all strata of people. In some ways, her background was like Matthew’s. She was brought up in the inner city but with mentors providing her guidance. She had grown up with a genuine compassion for the black underclass and a hatred for those who made them so.

The connection that brought these two together was that Matthew, along with his partners, had recently purchased the newspaper where Ewanikee worked as a reporter. As the working partner, Matthew needed to learn the insides of what made the paper successful, and it was also something that he wanted to do to learn more about who he was. He had not figured out what was the best approach to get started, and then an opportunity presented itself.

The infamous “Christmas Murders,” the name given the killings by the newspapers, in a suburb of Chicago was a gift on a silver platter, and it is what brought Matthew and Ewanikee into immediate contact. Matthew was heading home from a Christmas Eve party when the police radio band in his car alerted him to a disturbance. He was one of the first on the scene in a tranquil, suburban Chicago enclave.

An entire family had been murdered, execution style. The husband was a police officer who had been tied to the highly politicized murder of a black activist several years before. What Matthew and Ewanikee would uncover led to the discovery of a secret society known only as “Triangle.” Triangle had a worldwide presence, particularly on the continents of Africa and both North and South America. This was the triangle, much like the slave trade triangle. The pair would discover that the men and women of Triangle were not interested in politics or social change through traditional and accepted methods. No, the Triangle plan was simple. It was to take back what had been so violently and ruthlessly taken from them. Triangle had the numbers, they had the plan, and they had the will. That is what made them dangerous. In a short time, Matthew would find out just how dangerous black pragmatists with a plan and a purpose could be.

Matthew and Ewanikee would discover the genocide files themselves. The files had been secreted away from a government sponsored “think tank,” and they were comprehensive down to the smallest detail. The files covered every aspect of human interaction— from A to Z. Nothing had been left out, and the plan was ruthless, with the stated goal of elimination of most of the world’s population of color. From the perspective of Triangle, there really was not much choice; it was survival or extinction. Also from their perspective, the full title of Darwin’s book said it all and laid out the intention of the modern European power structure: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. That was the conspiracy spelled out for the whole world to see.

The conspiracy was obvious and in plain sight; so, I thought. But, through more searching and life experiences I would learn that what appears obvious is often anything but! I would discover that there is indeed a conspiracy, but who was its author and what was his purpose, I vaguely understood.

I am writing this blog, Conspiracy or Controversy?, to share with you what I have learned in the hopes that it will help you to understand what the true and real issues are. Negroes, colored people, and now African Americans have struggled to understand for hundreds of years how to overcome on these foreign shores. Too many of us have squandered our lives reaching for poisoned fruit, not realizing that even if we gain it, we have lost something greater – our souls and eternity. It is time to learn the whole truth and to become truly free, for who the Son sets free, he is free indeed.

If you want to know what is happening in the world and why it is happening, you will find it on this blog. Although conspiracies are real, I will draw a line connecting the dots so we can see the whole picture not just the single dot. My purpose is to reveal the hidden hand pulling the strings and pressing the buttons. All the conspiracies you have witnessed and heard about fold into one great controversy, like the pieces of a Monopoly game board. What I have learned has made all the difference.

Conspiracy or Controversy? Is a weekly blog designed to make sense out of the headlines purposely designed to confuse you. I will not take political sides. The trouble we face as a people, a country, and a world do not have a political solution. We are way past that. Here we will turn off the lies and turn on the truth. If you are ready to understand what has happened and what to expect in the future, you have come to the right place.


Join me weekly, God Bless