God’s Final Warning to Humanity.

Political and economic despondency, civil unrest, wars and threats of war, racial animus and climate catastrophes are in our daily headlines – or rather, our hourly social media feeds. Yes, technology has changed, but the human condition has stubbornly remianed the same. Is there hope for you and your family? Who can save us from all this?

Understanding the Angels of Revelation Series

In Revelation chapters fourteen and eighteen, four angels proclaim God’s everlasting gospel and final warning to humanity. That gospel will be preached to the whole world. Its warning is sounding now in pestilence, famine, calamities, civil unrest, and wars. God’s love and God’s displeasure are unmistakable. The angels posit a terminal choice, a decision each person must make for eternity—clear in its pronouncement, simple so that all can understand, and certain in its decree.

Understanding the Angels of Revelation Series is for those who have heard the angels’ message and for those who have not. It is for those who have grown lukewarm and fallen away from the message. It is for those who are ambivalent in faith and for those hardened in disbelief. It is for everyone. Christ’s love and Satan’s lies are manifested in its pages and are displayed before all creation.

Unlike any fictional series you have seen or read, the message has real life consequences for you and everyone you love. This series unfolds what the angels’ warning proscribes— what it means, and what you must do to comply with it. For good or evil, you are a part of their message. The time is short, our decisions irrevocable, and eternity inescapable. As the great controversy closes, who will you choose? Be informed, not deceived. Understanding the Angels of Revelation Series will convict you of the right choice. I pray you make it!

Excerpts from the Book

Conspiracy theories result from our inability to fathom the abject depravity of sin, the power, character and malfeasance of its originator, the resultant evil and suffering it spawns on earth, in demons and men, and conversely our perplexity and disbelief of the beneficent character, the longsuffering nature, and love of our omnipotent Creator who in spite of sin seeks to save us.

Deception is the acceptance of the suggestion of reality which contradicts God’s word. It establishes a fictional reality preferred to the real one, but one that is destined to disappointment and death. Satan did this in Eden and is still doing it today.

In those turbulent years of the sixties, America changed, but not enough and not really. The colors on the American flag were the same as those on the Confederate flag. The pattern of racism was different, but the design was exactly the same— subjugation of African Americans.


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    Nathaniel Arnold

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    Nathaniel Arnold is a successful businessman with thirty-five years of real estate experience. He also has written two novels and two books on real estate investing. His first novel, The Genocide Files was considered for a movie. He is a devoted husband with two grown daughters and an active elder in his church.