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A riveting, visceral memoir of a Southern Black man growing up Christian and his journey of faith.

Follow the provocative memoir of a Black Christian born in the Deep South during a racially conflicted era in the US—a conflict that still lingers today—and his incredible story of faith, purpose, and spiritual path that spans life and death. 

Battered by racism and discrimination even from within the church, Nathaniel Arnold found himself questioning God’s truth and love. Sometimes, it felt like God was punishing him while leading him on a desperate search to survive and understand it alluntil he found a truth powerful enough to withstand even the devil’s deceptions. 

My Story, His Glory: A Lens on Racism and Religion in America and God’s Final Judgment is a rare narrative that provides evidence that Jesus Christ’s Second Coming is imminent. Told through the lens of the Bible and its prophecies as well as the present times’ civil unrest, this gripping Christian autobiography exposes the Truth of the Person of Jesus Christ and is a call to hope for the plan of salvation available to those who take it. 

Honest and revealing, My Story, His Glory is a sweeping portrait of growing up a Black Christian in America that will forever shift your view of the challenges God lays before us and the opportunities they provide. As Nathaniel grapples with the Bible and its messages as they relate to modern racism and oppression, his journey provides insight into the healing of all mankind. This compelling memoir of faith and overcoming the demons of racism and fear asserts the one truth: the Second Coming and the Final Battle is at hand. Are you ready?